Password Generators

Random Password Generators.

If you are not sure what is considered a “safe” or “secure” password these days, a few good websites exists that will generate a random password for you,which is both secure and strong enough to frustrate any “brute force” password hack attempt.

Many other Password Generator websites exist, including one by Norton Symantec and Roboform, but they all basically do the same thing: Create a random password at a press of a button.


This password generator at will generate a strong password for based on these optionable parameters:

Include Symbols: ( e.g. @#$% )
Include Numbers: ( e.g. 123456 )
Include Lowercase Characters: ( e.g. abcdefgh )
Include Uppercase Characters: ( e.g. ABCDEFGH )
Exclude Similar Characters: ( e.g. i, l, 1, L, o, 0, O )
Exclude Ambiguous Characters: ( { } [ ] ( ) / \ ‘ ” ` ~ , ; : . < > )
Generate On Your Device: ( do NOT send across the Internet )

What makes this generator a favorite is that it also will tell you tips on how to REMEMBER the generated password.

random password generator

2. LastPass Password Generator.

The Password Generator at is slightly different as it lets you decide whether to generate a password that is easy to remember (avoid numbers), easy to read, or with all possible characters.

lastpass strong password generator


The password generator at is included here bacause it generates passwords in your browser, so the password will never cross the internet. However, the passwords generated include all characters by default and can be hard to remember.

best strong password generator

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