The Best Password Managers – Top 5

Your Guide to the Top 5 Best Password Managers.

List of the Top 5 most popular password managers. See the main advantages and disadvantages of installing a password manager program.

Pros and Cons of Password Managers – Should I get One?

Password manager software has grown in popularity, owing to the sheer number of passwords people need to remember. However, the decision of whether or not to get a password manager application requires an assessment of the pros and cons associated with these applications. Below, we take a closer look at three pros and two cons:
Pro#1: Password Managers Are Convenient.

Good password managers will be easy to use and allow you to store your login credentials for as many different services as you want. By saving your credentials, all you will need to do is log in to each service once and automatic logins will be available for future use. The software will also eradicate instances where you forget your password.
Pro #2: They will Enhance Online Security

It is highly recommended that a different password is used for each service, yet the vast majority of internet users re-use passwords multiple times, because remembering dozens of passwords is unrealistic. With password managers, however, this becomes a reality. A password manager can also be used to generate strong passwords.
Pro #3: You Can Sync Across Devices.

The very best password managers offer the choice of using it either online or offline. When this is the case, the online component can usually be used to sync across different devices. This means that your chosen application can be used with your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.
Con #1: Single Point of Failure.

Most cyber security experts agree that the single biggest drawback of password managers is that they represent a single point of failure. This means that if you get locked out of the application for any reason, or if something goes wrong with the application itself, you could potentially lose dozens of passwords.
Con #2: They Are a Big Target For Hackers.

Finally, the fact that people store all of their passwords in their password managers makes them a high-value target for hackers and other cyber criminals. While most password managers use encryption and other security protections, they are not fool-proof, meaning hackers could theoretically gain access to all of your passwords.

The Top 5 Password Managers.

Here we list the Top 5 most popular password managers. We have no association to any of the programs.
1. LastPass Password Manager.

LastPass is often viewed as the gold standard for password managers. It supports two-factor authentication, has a user-friendly interface, is available for a huge range of devices and will even analyse the quality of your passwords. It is free to use on all platforms, although an enhanced ‘premium’ version is also available.

Lastpass password manager

Go to to try Lastpass for free.

2. KeePass Password Manager.

Considered by many to be the main competitor for LastPass, KeePass is an open source option, with a number of great features. The software can be used offline, preventing unwanted syncing, but support is also there for use across devices too. It includes a password generator, uses strong encryption and is completely free.

keepass password manager

Visit to read more about KeePass.

3. Roboform Password Manager.

Another long-standing option, Roboform has been around since the late 1990s and offers a number of excellent features. It can be used on multiple devices, while it also supports multiple identities, allowing more than one user to make use of it. It is free to use on a single device, but multi-device syncing requires the paid version.

roboform password manager

Roboform’s Free Version can be downloaded from Roboform also offers a Digital Wallet for cryptocurrencies.

4. Dashlane Password Manager.

Launched in 2012, Dashlane has grown in popularity thanks to a number of interesting features. For example, the software will alert users if a website they have an account on has been hacked, and allows you to quickly change that password to protect your account. It also has an emergency contact function, and the standard version is free.

dashlane password manager

Visit to try Dashlane for free.

5. 1Password Password Manager.

Finally, 1Password is a solid option, which offers support for many different devices, uses strong encryption and has a customisable password generator, allowing you to set certain prerequisites for passwords. With that said, it operates a subscription model, which may not suit everyone, and stores encrypted passwords on the cloud.

1password password manager

Go to to download 1Password for free.

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